photo de Indie Game Contest 2016

For the fourth year running, Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival organises the Indie Game Contest for independent video games developers.

The Indie Game Contest highlights independent quality video games as artistic works, focusing on creativity and originality.

The games will be presented during the festival from the 16th to the 25th september 2016. It gives the opportunity for all game developers to compete with other game creators and to collect the public’s impression on the gameplay in order to win the Octopix Prize awarded by professional judges.

Find out more about the competition, and enter here.

Discuss the contest in the forums here.


There are lots of interesting new shmups on the forums at the moment – here are some highlights:


Witchinour is a low-res cute-em-up by sofutogeimu. There’s a demo available on here. It’s also up on Steam Greenlight so vote for it here.


Out-Of is a side-scrolling space shooter by Next Gamelevel. It’s still in development and will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Find out more at the Next Gamelevel website here.

An Oath to the Stars

An Oath to the Stars is a vertical danmaku shmup. It has already been approved for Steam release. You can follow the development of the game on the blog here.

A new shmup to back on Kickstarter…

Super Thrustforce: Orbital Meat Police (STOMP) is based on the classic 8-bit game Thrust, and also the great Amiga game Gravity Force (hence the Thrustforce in the title). Aliens have abducted all Earth’s cows, and you must infiltrate the alien mothership to get them back. This mainly involves blowing everything up, but you’ll need to master control of your ship, which is affected by gravity.

Back it on Kickstarter here.