I recently gave a lecture on shmup development with Unity as part of a course at RMIT University.

You can download the lecture slides and example project.

Lecture slides [PDF]
Unity shmup template [ZIP – Unity 3.5.3 project]

The example project is a template for Unity shmup development – it contains just a player, an enemy and a scrolling background, however it implements many of the optimizations needed to get a shmup to run properly, such as:

  • Bullet pooling
  • Collision optimization
  • Precise controls
  • Transform caching

It’s written in Javascript, and is thoroughly documented with inline comments. The code is intended to be understandable to novice programmers.

Forum discussion here.

If you’re making a shmup, you’re going to need music and sound-effects. Take a look at a new digital synthesizer and sequencer called AudioGL – it has recently entered a paid-beta phase ($80 to buy-in to the beta test, the final product will probably be around $200). There’s also a free trial.


Forum thread.