Space Elite Force - pixel-art shmup, with chaotic and insane

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Space Elite Force - pixel-art shmup, with chaotic and insane

Postby moraesstudio » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:50 pm

Hello everyone!

I would like to receive your feedback!


SPACE ELITE FORCE is a frantic space-shooter with graphics in pixels, with chaotic and insane battles against bosses. Fight against the terrible and merciless Klyvu race in this endless battle for the survival of the earth.

Enjoy its incredible gameplay, battles against insane bosses, enemies generated (almost) randomly and an insane amount of weapons. Upgrade your ship at intervals of each stage with a large amount of updates and weapons.


• Frenetic and chaotic battles.

• Beautiful pixel art graphics.

• Phases generated (almost) randomly

• Fluid and intuitive gameplay

• Support for any Joystick

• A great arsenal • Upgrade your ship


The game is still in full development. You can contribute by leaving a comment, sharing with friends or even donate any amount through the "Pay as you want" system of the site.



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