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Elixir (@shmups on Twitter) has created a Discord server for shmups fans, players and developers. You can join it by clicking this link: The forum here is very quiet these days, most people have moved away from forums to Facebook and Discord for their online discussions. I recommend this Discord channel to anyone interested […]

Pawarumi is a verizontal shmup, inspired by the likes of Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun but with its own original mechanics, set in an universe based on south american folklore and 90s pop culture reference. It’s currently on Steam Greenlight, so vote for it to see more high-quality shmups on Steam. The game is being made […]

A Quiver of Crows will be available on Steam on October 20th. The game features: 360-degree twin-stick chaos! Local / couch co-op so you don’t have to go it alone Upgradable weapons, bombs, and shields Unique environments and physics not common in shmups Play using controller or keyboard & mouse View the forum post here […]

OPQAM’s new shmup “Dogos” is launching on September 6th on PS4, and September 7th on Xbox One and PC. Great to see an original high-quality shmup getting a console release. Dogos expands on OPQAM’s previous title “Project Root” with fantastic canyon flying stages and multiple weapon upgrades. I particularly like the design of the main […]

There are lots of interesting new shmups on the forums at the moment – here are some highlights: Witchinour Witchinour is a low-res cute-em-up by sofutogeimu. There’s a demo available on here. It’s also up on Steam Greenlight so vote for it here. OUT-OF Out-Of is a side-scrolling space shooter by Next Gamelevel. It’s […]

DOGOS is a new shmup in development from OPQAM, the team that developed Project Root. This is an early development test video, showing some boss bullet patterns. It appears to be building on the open-world style of Project Root. You can discuss the game in the forum here.

Two new shmup releases this month. Steelbound Sky is an iOS game, using touch gesture mechanics to play. The official site is here: And Battle Crust, the retro style vertical shmup has been released on Steam. You can buy it here. The forum thread for Battle Crust is here, and Steelbound Sky is here.

Battle Crust is a new vertical shmup on Steam Greenlight. You can vote for it here.   It looks like a classic shooter, and the audio reminds me of R-Type 2. Forum post here.

A very useful video tutorial from Sebastian Lague on Object Pooling, a technique that every shmup developer should know. There are lots of other great game development videos on Sebastian’s YouTube channel, but this one is particularly relevant to shoot-em-ups. Discuss it on the forums here.

Racketboy is the winner of the recent Indies Vs Gamers competition at Gamejolt. It’s a shmup / block-breaker hybrid. Lucas from Double Dash studios talks about the game in the forum here. The game looks like a lot of fun, and the team are hoping to expand it for a full steam release in the […]